Saturday, June 16, 2012

~just some thought

Salamun alaik...

i have been through a lot of things recently.
up and down. happy and sad moments.
depressed, agitated, maniac etc etc.

ignores bout what had happened.
the most important thing is what i got from it.
the lesson that i have learned

First....if you want to possess something, you need to strive for it. i mean you really need to work very hard and smart. No short cuts. usaha! No usaha then there will be no asbab for your success. Never give up. Don't say NO unless you have tried your very very very very very best! then the rest leave it to Allah. If you didn't try now then you will regret it later. trust me.

Second.....never ever ever let yourself being controlled by your own anger. If you need to make a decision, please put aside your anger first. Be rational! don't let your emotion controlled your mind. Sabar. Be patient.

Third....rambut sama hitam hati lain-lain. reality. i've tried to not to hold to this principle. Because i believe that in every people there's some kindness deep inside their heart. but people made me to change my principles! don't trust every people! why? because sometimes in our life we are being controlled by hatred, power, money etc. sad to hear this but it happened!

Fourth....i've just watched Hoore! Hoore! movie (Malay musical movie). So many lessons that i learned from it. one of it is regarding self-confidence! need to build it no matter how weak do you think you are! Be confident! There are some more, but i just want to highlight this one. and friends. These are people that you will really need in your life. You can't live alone in this world!! We are mutually independent to each other! Do please realize this thing if you're not.

Sixth... leadership. All of us are khalifah! but not everyone can be a good khalifah. This is the reality that keep on happening right now. May Allah give Hidayah to all the leaders. To all leaders out there, please do some thing that may help your people and not make their life more miserable.

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

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Anonymous said...

Ok..ok InsyaAllah. Will be praticed! Btw,thanks 4 d awesome posts. .=D