Saturday, July 17, 2010

~1st week


dah seminggu dah. mcm dah diberitahu sblm ni.
kelas memang sangat padat.
kami batch yg pertama introduction 6 weeks ni dipenuhi dgn kelas dr 8-4pm...
penat tp rsnya berbaloi.

kata lecturer manfaatkan 6 minggu ni untuk mantapkan skills dlm history taking.
supaya nti kat klang hospital xdela terkapai2 nti.
hope leh wat apa yg sepatutnya kena wat. =)
"Ya Allah, berikanlah kami kekuatan untuk menempuhi hari2 kami."

minggu pertama ni juga dah diperlihatkan dgn mcm2 ragam adik2 pelajar tahun pertama.
nothing much to say bout' them...
mayb it's juz too early to judge anything in just a week.
people needs time to adapt to new situation new environment.
that's what i think.

and mayb they should also think the same way on their side.
juz dun juz say that say this and etc so much.
be thankful of what they have just experienced.
others outside there may experienced thing that is much harder.
juz be more though.
life is not that easy anyway.
but u can make it looks like easy through ur perception, ur mind of course.
if u always's hard'it's hard...then it will end that way.
if u say u don't like it, u don't like it...then u will never like it.
how if u say, i like it, i like it....???
psychological aspect of ur mind.

life is juz a long journey that u can't complaint everyday in every seconds of ur life.

yeah. i love this 3rd year. i like it.<--for my own motivation.
let this new academic year become better than the last.

couldnt afford to be lazy anymore.must work hard work hard work hard work hard.

"The Patient is the best text book"

that's what lecturer said. so no more studying sitting down in ur room reading books so much like before this. new ways of learning--> patient bedside...clerk ur patient, take history and practice.Prof Rokiah said : clerk 3 long cases a day! by the end of ur medical school u have clerked 1500 patients. in that way u will become more competent.

yup this 1st week is full of motivational classes from all the lecturer. they want us to be the best.
that what should i do??
yup, for sure DO the best in my part!

and to all my friends also...GAnbatte!!!

i think that's it for now.



Anonymous said...

salam,,,gud luck for u....ganbatte yeap!!!:)

-m3- said...

like this post! jd doktor baik2 ye...same2 kite berusaha =)

Anonymous said...

gudluk !

K-RuN said...

anonymous 1 & 2 : arigato gozaimashita..i'll do my best!!

kak alin : =)insyaallah...kak alin pun semuga jadi doktor gigi yg baik! ganbatte!...

kak alin,batch kitorg ada dua org doktor gigi graduate dari UM yg masuk batch kitorg..diorg nk jadi kena ada MBBS dulu...