Sunday, August 1, 2010

~lagi 3 minggu

Salam pembuka bicara~

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update is succesful!!

weeeee....3 weeks have passed...another 3 weeks left b4 going to i ready??
frankly speaking im not ready yet..

so much skills have to be developed b4 going there. but not to worry so much...learn slowly..
that's why we need a 5 years training in medical school. people dont expect u to become a professional in juz a blink of eyes.

actually quite dissappointed with myself last 2 not satisfied the way i performed in history taking...still cant get a complete history from the patient. plus packed schedule...making ur spirit down down down down day by day...

but thanx to Prof Philip..lecturer in charge for our group history presentation last friday. he sure has lite up our spirit! !


some of his word that day.

next week. new things. we'll learn physical examination (PE).
PE is done to confirm our diagnosis in history taking.

enough things with the medical line.

as a residents of 2nd RC. last 2 weeks, Minggu Mesra Pelajar (MMP) was held. fullstop.
hehe. no elaboration for this.

for project. b4 leaving i'm joining 2 projects. Second Stove and Ihya Ramadhan.

Ramadhan is coming!!!!
hope that this Ramadhan will be better than the last.

got to go.



melur said...

gonna miss u all~ :(

-m3- said...

yeah, indeed...jgn lupekan second!

opp2, 'no elaboration on this?' hahaha...i know why~